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Incubus in Manila!

Very hung over with Incubus. I still have concert afterglow. :) I'm so happy I didn't miss it! This is atonement for not catching their first concert in Manila. I really love them and their music. You know, I didn't think it was possible they could get any better, until I saw them perform live last Sunday.

Brandon was oh-my-god! half-naked and sang beautifully, and Mike just eased through it like a guitar god. They didn't perform "Pardon Me" or "A Certain Shade of Green" though. But I think even if they played all their songs, it still wouldn't be enough for me. Haha. They ended it with "Aqueous Transmission," my fave, so I’m one happy fangirl. :)

I have vids, but I was all over the place, so every clip is messed up and has me screaming in the background. I don't think people wanna see or hear that.

I should've stalked them when I had the chance last Saturday in their hotel. I could have been the one who touched Brandon's hand or rode the same elevator with DJ Kilmore. Tsk.

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